How to Learn Flutter

Tadas Petra
4 min readFeb 1, 2021
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Flutter is about to have a really big year this year! The community is growing bigger and bigger, the upside of Flutter is looking enormous.

But this means that there will be a lot of new people starting out with Flutter as well. And starting out something new is tough no matter what it is. Hopefully this is a one stop shop for you on how you should learn, along with some resources that worked for me.

By the way if you would rather watch the video version of this article, here it is. If you prefer reading, keep going 😊


In my opinion, the biggest problem with flutter is how easy it is to create apps. It’s so easy that people can create a working application without knowing much about what they are doing.

Before you start diving into Flutter I would really recommend you have at least a bit of Object Oriented Programming knowledge. And the more you have the better. There are a lot of resources to learn and understand these topics with Dart. But if you are coming from another language like C++ or JavaScript, Dart will be very easy to pick up. I think I spent only a couple days getting used to the syntax and was able to dive right into Flutter framework.

Learning Resources

Flutter Documentation

The documentation is always my first step to learning anything involving flutter. Flutter team has a clear focus on providing high quality documentation, and it is the first step I take whenever I run into issues.


The very initial stages of learning Flutter I followed the google codelabs. You know you can trust these because these are curated by the flutter team, so they are definitely high…



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