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Growing a blog in this day and age is no easy task. There is so much content online that getting noticed seems like an insurmountable task. But here are just a few approaches that will increase your chances.

Grow Social Presence

Much easier said than done. But with a big social presence you will have built a community of people that already enjoy the content you create. This means you already have a community that will enjoy your blog, and will be more likely to share it with others.

Now you see the value in social presence, but how do you build this…

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Flutter is about to have a really big year this year! With the event on March 3rd, 2021 coming up, as well as the community growing bigger and bigger, the upside of Flutter is looking enormous.

But this means that there will be a lot of new people starting out with Flutter as well. And starting out something new is tough no matter what it is. Hopefully this is a one stop shop for you on how you should learn, along with some resources that worked for me.

By the way if you would rather watch the video version…

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January 15th, 2020 was the day I decided to put my cringey first video out in public. A day later I checked back and it got 4 views. Now almost 11 months later the channel has amassed almost 10,000 subscribers and over 40,000 monthly views. Here’s how I did it, and how I believe others can do it too.

Before we start, I know “almost 10,000 subscribers” is a bit of a stretch. As I’m typing it I am at 8,725 subscribers, but the 10,000 makes a much catchier introduction. …

With all the new technologies and frameworks, it is becoming easier and easier to create apps that “work”. I put the work in quotes, because even though the app might function, it will most likely not scale and will probably have some big bugs as well. Without good coding fundamentals, you will almost certainly have a tough time building maintainable and scalable code.

What is a Coding Fundamental?

A fundamental is an adjective that describes forming a necessary base or core. By this it means to have a good understanding of the core of what coding is. Frameworks like React and Flutter are just complex…

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Why I left

Since I was in highschool, I never wanted to work a 9–5 job. I have been the person that likes to have control of what I am doing, and with the things that I build.

What I don’t like about 9–5

  • A 9–5 forces you to stay there even when you have finished your work.
  • You rely on your boss and people above you to make you be successful.
  • The amount of work you put in doesn’t directly correlate with what you get.
  • You don’t have control of the companies future
  • There are a lot of corporate politics that you have to maneuver
  • You are not…

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As I was learning about CI/CD I accidentally committed my database configuration file to my GitHub account, to make it work.

Only after I did this did I discover Environment Variables and they can be used for sensitive things like this. So I quickly deleted the database configuration file, but I still had one problem. This was an open source project, so everybody is still able to see my complete configuration file inside the commit history.

Fortunately there is a way to remove it. You will not be able to do this with GitHub desktop as of yet, so you…

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As flutter grows the number of State Management solutions grows just as quickly. When I first started exploring Flutter there were only a couple options now there is Redux, ScopedModel, Provider, BLoC, RxDart, States Rebuilder, Get, as well many more that I can’t list off the top of my head.

Although I haven’t tried all of those listed above I have used BLoC, Provider, States Rebuilder and have at least looked into the other ones. If you want the TLDR, they’re all great and you can’t really go wrong. All of them will most likely solve the problems that you…

There’s been one thing missing from my repertoire during my Firebase journey and that is streams. I knew it was an important topic that I needed to learn, but I wasn’t sure how to manage the stream and everything that comes with that. But then I learned about Provider. As I learned about Provider, I learned about StreamProvider, and finally things started coming together.

So what’s so special about streams?

Reading data on request (as I had been doing), you simple get the data from the server once. If you ever need to update the data, you need to call a function to get the data…

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Disclaimer: In this article we will be using mobile app development as an example, but I believe this development process can be applied to most other software projects.

Creating an app from scratch seems like an unfathomable amount of work, and can sometimes even seem unachievable. But I promise you, if you prepare and take it all step by step, you can create any app or even any project. There are really 4 steps that need to be addressed. The 4 steps may vary depending on the project, but they exist nonetheless. The 4 steps are:

  1. Prototype
  2. Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Deliver

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One of the biggest things that gets overlooked whenever people start a project is planning. I have noticed this on individual projects, as well as in the corporate environment. On individual projects, there might not be any planning at all, while in corporations there might just not be enough. So here I will give the minimal planning that I do for every flutter project that I start, but a similar planning method can be applied to any other OOP language. We’re going to go over figuring out your Use Cases (Features), Diagrams, and Folder Structure.

Use Cases

First things first, you…

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